Affiliate Signup Form

How Does the Program Work?

  • As an affiliate, you are provided a unique Group ID number.
  • You distribute your prescription savings coupon with your unique tracking ID
  • Customers show the coupon to their pharmacist when purchasing their prescribed medications.
  • You receive a commission every time the customer purchases or refills a prescription.

Who Can Earn Income?

  • Digital Marketers & Bloggers
  • Pet Organizations & Associations
  • Pet Non-Profits and Fundraisers
  • Animal Rescue and Kennels
  • Pet Clubs, Services & Charities
  • Non-Profits and Fund-raisers
  • Religious Organizations and Charities
  • Unions & Labor Organizations
  • Agents/Brokers and Benefit Consultants

Commissions & Bonus Levels

  • Level 1:  0 to 500 claims = $2.00
  • Level 2:  501 to 1,500 claims = $2.25
  • Level 3:  1,501+ = $2.50
  • Plus a $0.50 Sponsorship Override

What Affiliates Will Receive

  • A unique tracking Group ID #
  • Claims Tracking Dashboard
  • Affiliate marketing materials
  • Mobile App Activation

NDC Affiliate Agreement

Please review, print and/or download the NDC Agent Agreement PDF linked below.

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