Medication Discounts and Benefits for Groups & Organizations

We provide groups and organizations with medication discount services for their members and customers. 

Medication Discounts

Our prescription discount services help the uninsured and under-insured save up to 85% on their medications.

Additional Revenue

Our services are structured with incentives that provide additional revenue streams to participating groups and organizations. 

Tech & Branding Support

We provide branded web and marketing tools to assist groups and organizations in promoting our services.

Medication Discount Coupon Program

We provide an industry-leading medication coupon program that provides some of the most significant savings to those most in need.

Pet Medication Discount Coupon

While some drugs are for veterinarian use only, many are the exact same drugs used in human medicine, or close equivalents. The price difference between the human and veterinary medications can be substantial. Fluffy Rx provides some of the most significant savings for pet medications.

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